Medical Legal (Medicolegal) Assessments

Working with both plaintiff and defence counsel, our highly experienced assessors deliver transparent, evidence-based medical reports, opinions and evaluations to the courts, helping lawyers to better quantify the impact of their findings and determinations.

Insurance Medical Assessment

Insurers require accurate, unbiased information to make best possible decisions. Our highly specialized roster of 1500+ regulated healthcare professionals helps insurers succeed by producing high-quality, evidence-based, credible reports, medical opinions, evaluations.

Neurology (Neurological) Assessment

A neurological examination is a comprehensive process that requires a trained healthcare provider’s expertise. The specific steps and assessments performed may vary depending on the patient’s age, condition, and presenting symptoms.

Medical Assessments

Medical assessments are evaluations that are performed to gather information about a person’s health status. These assessments are conducted by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, or other medical specialists, and may include a variety of tests and examinations to assess a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Medical assessments can be conducted for a variety of reasons, such as to diagnose a health condition, monitor the progress of a disease, determine the effectiveness of a treatment, or assess an individual’s overall health and wellness. These assessments can range from a basic physical exam to more complex tests and procedures, such as blood tests, imaging studies, or psychological evaluations.

The type of medical assessment conducted will depend on the reason for the evaluation, as well as the individual’s age, medical history, and current health status. It is important to undergo regular medical assessments to help identify potential health concerns early and to receive appropriate treatment or management as needed.

Medical assessments are used for a number of reasons. They can involve physical employment evaluations or they can be used in medical-legal scenarios. Synoptic Medical provides medical assessments for employers, insurance companies, both plaintiff and defence law firms as well property and casualty auto insurers. Medical assessments can include Functional Capacity Evaluations, Cost of Future Care Reports, Vocational Assessments, Clinical Records Reviews and File Reviews.

Independent Medical Assessments in Canada
medical assessments

Independent Medical Assessments in Canada

Backed by superior customer service, Synoptic Medical also provides independent medical assessments or independent medical examinations or IMEs. Independent medical assessment is an objective, third-party medical examination often requested by insurance companies, benefits providers, HR managers, lawyers, or employers. In most cases, when someone is injured, they need third-party documentation to confirm the extent of their injury, which requires an independent medical evaluation to provide an unbiased opinion.

Independent medical assessment is an evaluation by a doctor who is not treating the patient. Disability insurers, employers or attorneys often request an IME when faced with uncertainty about the cause or nature of an alleged disability or the functional status and/or rehabilitation potential of the claimant. Medical assessments are retained by the requesting party; therefore, their relationship with the patient is different from the traditional doctor-patient model. The primary responsibility of the independent medical evaluator is to provide a service for the recruiting third party, not the patient. An IME is performed by an impartial, third-party contractor authorized to perform a medical examination. Unlike ordinary or family physicians, these doctors are merely consultants and are tasked with providing an objective medical assessment for a particular case. Medical assessment provider is typically a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional.

Medical assessment can serve several purposes. For example, if there is a dispute over a workers’ compensation claim, an IME provides an opportunity to find insurance professionals, employers, lawyers, and doctors on the same page. Independent medical examinations often help resolve the claim in a timely and efficient manner. An independent medical examination, or IME, is an assessment of a person’s medical condition to assess whether they are eligible for disability benefits or compensation. Our dedicated medical assessment services provide risk reduction for clients, providing the basis for the fair and equitable resolution of claims.

Provider of Medical Assessment in Canada

There may be many conditions that require medical assessment. At Synoptic Medical, we pride ourselves on our reputation and the diversity of our support.

Our medical assessments specialists are the leading provider of comprehensive medical assessment and peer review services to the insurance, corporate, legal and government industries. Members of our authorized medical panel perform physical examinations or medical record reviews, providing clients with reports that assist in resolving their claims. Our medical professionals are frequently held by both plaintiff and defense in lawsuits related to personal injury, labor and employment, medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, elder abuse, and healthcare. All the highly qualified doctors we recommend for IME studies are highly qualified and have undergone specific training to ensure they are ready to provide the highest quality assessments.

Rely on Synoptic Medical to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive service offering to get the job done right the first time. Contact us now and let us know how our experts can help. Our caring and friendly staff is ready to assist you with your questions. If you’d like to learn more about our medical assessment services, our doctors, or join the best team of medical professionals, contact us today. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding service with the urgency your situation demands. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your specific needs, regardless of time frame, scope and geographic need. We have developed excellent working relationships with our panel of physicians and this allows us to make the ‘impossible’ a reality together. We create a solution platform that exceeds expectations with customized solutions. We’re in this together!

Leading-Provider of Medical Assessment in Canada

Diagnostic Services

Synoptic Medical Assessments is unique in that we offer access to diagnostic services in the form of MRI and CT Scans, single-photon emission computer tomography (SPECT), and quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) testing.
Insurance Medical Assessment Canada
Synoptic Medical offers an extensive roster of court certified experts across Canada that include but are not limited to the following:

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