Medical Legal (Medicolegal) Assessments

Working with both plaintiff and defence counsel, our highly experienced assessors deliver transparent, evidence-based medical reports, opinions and evaluations to the courts, helping lawyers to better quantify the impact of their findings and determinations.

Insurance Medical Assessment

Insurers require accurate, unbiased information to make best possible decisions. Our highly specialized roster of 1500+ regulated healthcare professionals helps insurers succeed by producing high-quality, evidence-based, credible reports, medical opinions, evaluations.

Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Because employers have a vested interest in promoting employee health while also mitigating risk, they rely on us to help them determine their employees’ medical fitness, identify potential limitations, and evaluate medical needs so that work remains a safe and productive environment.

Medical Examinations - Medical Examiner

Medical examinations are examinations that have gained great importance today. These examinations, which are especially needed by employers, perform a detailed health analysis during recruitment. Medical examination processes, which act with an evidence-based system, are of great importance for employers as well as the legal community and insurers. For this reason, it is carried out by experts today. Taking place on Vancouver BC, these inspections actively serve the whole of Canada. You can also get detailed information by contacting us for the medical exam processes you will have.

Our experts working in these processes are fully competent employees in their fields. These medical test phases include extensive research and analysis. It then presents a detailed report. This system, which has been heavily applied to immigrants recently, is done under the name of medical examination for immigration.

Immigration Medical Examination
Study Performed Medical Examinations

Study Performed Medical Examinations

Medical examination near me makes the best medical evaluations for you. These medical assessments are of great importance to courts, insurance companies and employers. For this reason, as Canada medical exam, we perform these examinations in the best way.

Medical examinations examine the health status of the worker at the time of hiring. This inspection shows whether the worker can perform that job. These studies, which are made with detailed analyzes and studies, are completely evidence-based. Among them, there is a physical exam as well as a detailed health check. In this way, all the health conditions of the people are revealed.

Immigration medical examiners consist of people who are completely specialized in their field. These people control the medical interventions required for immigrants. If you are searching for medical exam near me, you can contact our address located in Vancouver BC.

Immigration Medical Examination

We conduct medical examinations for immigrants coming to Canada. These medical examinations are to examine whether you have any disease or not. Diseases that may exist in many parts of your body can be advantageous or disadvantageous for you. You must have this immigration medical examination and submit it to the relevant institutions.

If you are asking where is the immigration medical examination near me, we are at your service in Vancouver and throughout Canada. We provide medical exam for Canada and you immigrants can also benefit from this service.

Immigration Examination

Medical assessments for the immigration exam are professionally done by us. These findings, prepared for the report to be presented, are revealed by a detailed examination. If you want an immigration examination, you can get detailed information by contacting us.

Medical Examiner Edmonton

Do you need a doctor for legal matters? If you need a medical examination, we as medical examiner Edmonton help you. You can get information about the report you will create by contacting us. The controls made by experts at all times are valid for many parts of the body. This medical examination, which is necessary for both forensic matters, insurance and business, also provides a great benefit in learning the health status of people. For this reason, it is actually a very necessary and logical examination. You can also contact us via Vancouver and Canada and get more detailed information for medical evaluation.

Medical Examiner

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