Medical Legal (Medicolegal) Assessments

Working with both plaintiff and defence counsel, our highly experienced assessors deliver transparent, evidence-based medical reports, opinions and evaluations to the courts, helping lawyers to better quantify the impact of their findings and determinations.

Insurance Medical Assessment

Insurers require accurate, unbiased information to make best possible decisions. Our highly specialized roster of 1500+ regulated healthcare professionals helps insurers succeed by producing high-quality, evidence-based, credible reports, medical opinions, evaluations.

Neurology (Neurological) Assessment

A neurological examination is a comprehensive process that requires a trained healthcare provider’s expertise. The specific steps and assessments performed may vary depending on the patient’s age, condition, and presenting symptoms.

Ottawa Assessments

Medical assessments are an important part of healthcare, as they help diagnose and treat medical conditions. A medical assessment is a process of gathering information about a patient’s medical history, symptoms, and physical condition. This information is then used by healthcare providers to diagnose medical conditions and develop treatment plans.

In Ottawa, medical assessments may be available through various healthcare providers, including family doctors, occupational health clinics, mental health clinics, sports medicine clinics, and driver’s license medical assessors. It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the specific medical assessment that is required and to find a qualified provider in Ottawa.

Vancouver Assessments
Medical Assessments in Vancouver

Medical Assessments in Ottawa ON

Medical assessments are an important part of healthcare, as they help diagnose and treat medical conditions. Medical assessments may be required for various reasons, including before starting a new job, before participating in certain activities or sports, or as part of a medical treatment plan.

Some of the medical assessments that may be available in Ottawa include:

  • Physical exams: A physical exam is a general medical assessment that checks your overall health. During a physical exam, a healthcare provider will check your vital signs, listen to your heart and lungs, and look for signs of any medical conditions.

  • Occupational health assessments: These assessments are usually required by employers to ensure that employees are fit to perform their job duties. Occupational health assessments may include physical exams, hearing and vision tests, and drug and alcohol screenings.

  • Mental health assessments: A mental health assessment can help diagnose and treat mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Sports physicals: Athletes may be required to undergo a sports physical to ensure that they are fit to participate in their sport. Sports physicals may include a physical exam, medical history review, and tests for specific conditions related to the sport.

  • Driver’s license medicals: Some medical conditions may affect a person’s ability to drive. A driver’s license medical assesses whether a person is fit to drive and may include a physical exam, vision test, and medical history review.

Neurology Assessment Ottawa ON

Neurology is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. Neurology assessments in Ottawa may be required for a variety of reasons, including to diagnose and treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

IME Ottawa ON

IME stands for “Independent Medical Examination.” It is a medical assessment conducted by a healthcare provider who is not the patient’s regular treating physician. Independent medical examinations are often used to assess a person’s medical condition and disability status for legal or insurance purposes.

In Ottawa, independent medical examinations may be available through various healthcare providers, including occupational health clinics, insurance companies, and legal firms. These examinations may be required for various reasons, including workplace injury claims, disability claims, and personal injury claims.

Medical Examinations Vancouver BC

Independent Medical Examinations Ottawa

During an independent medical examination, the healthcare provider will evaluate the patient’s medical history, perform a physical examination, and review any relevant medical records or test results. The provider will then provide a report detailing their findings, which may be used as evidence in legal or insurance proceedings.

It’s important to note that independent medical examinations are not the same as regular medical appointments. The healthcare provider conducting the examination is not responsible for the patient’s ongoing care, and the patient’s regular treating physician should be consulted for any ongoing medical needs.

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