Medical Legal (Medicolegal) Assessments

Working with both plaintiff and defence counsel, our highly experienced assessors deliver transparent, evidence-based medical reports, opinions and evaluations to the courts, helping lawyers to better quantify the impact of their findings and determinations.

Insurance Medical Assessment

Insurers require accurate, unbiased information to make best possible decisions. Our highly specialized roster of 1500+ regulated healthcare professionals helps insurers succeed by producing high-quality, evidence-based, credible reports, medical opinions, evaluations.

Neurology (Neurological) Assessment

A neurological examination is a comprehensive process that requires a trained healthcare provider’s expertise. The specific steps and assessments performed may vary depending on the patient’s age, condition, and presenting symptoms.

Medicolegal Assessments

Medical legal assessment is used to resolve disputes about an employee’s medical health condition. This assessment provides an unbiased medical response in cases of occupational injury, occupational disease, or short- and long-term disability. Likewise, it provides the opportunity to ask specific questions to a physician or specialist regarding any case such as absenteeism, disability. An independent medical assessment or medicolegal assessment is an objective assessment of a client’s diagnosis, mental and/or physical impairments, and recovery prognosis.

Medicolegal assessments are an integral part of personal injury claims. A medical report is used as medical evidence to decide the effect of the injury on the injured person. The content in the forensic report has a direct impact on the value of the personal injury claim. Medicolegal assessments are designed to answer legal questions posed by the court, the plaintiff, or the defendant. At the heart of medicolegal assessment is the application of sound scientific techniques to gather and evaluate medical evidence. Medical legal assessment is provided to confirm an individual’s status by adding medical evidence. It is a third-party medical assessment where the doctor provides a professional opinion and expertise on clients’ ongoing injuries.

Medicolegal Assessments
Medical Legal Assessments in Canada

Medical Legal Assessments in Canada

Medical legal assessments are health assessments performed by an independent, certified physician to comply with a range of legal obligations. One of the most common reasons people need medical legal assessments is because they’re involved in a lawsuit.

Other claims that often need a medical legal assessment are car accident and other personal injury cases. Again, it’s all about having an independent assessment of the extent of your injuries and how it affects you, as well as the extent to which another person or organization is to blame.

Medicolegal assessment is a court-ordered assessment for use as evidence in criminal cases. A medical legal assessment is a one-time assessment by a doctor for the purpose of claiming compensation from your employees. We provide the court with objective, impartial opinions based on all material facts. As the medicolegal assessment aims to prepare the health report, the doctor who completes the report will not normally administer any treatment.

After reviewing the entire case history, the expert will address all your questions about causation in his detailed report. The clinical reports prepared by our experts are of the highest standard and can be counted on to be completed in a timely and professional manner. Our doctors have experience in providing expert opinion, and some have experience as court experts. Our expert service allows you to take a statement from the doctor who made the assessment before the court. This testimony will be an important asset to your case; The doctor will explain and interpret his findings to the decision makers and directly answer their questions. We focus on producing high quality, precise and objective forensic reports. Practice guidelines state that the doctor conducting the medico legal review as an expert witness is not an advocate for a party. The most important duty of an expert witness is a duty to the Court, not to the person hiring the expert witness.

Synoptic Medicolegal Assessment Solutions

Synoptic Medical offers a results-oriented approach to all medicolegal matters. Powered by the expertise of a panel of respected medical professionals and allied health professionals, our service is designed to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality medical reports produced in the shortest timeframes.

Whether you are a Plaintiff or Defendant Advocate, you will have access to a select team of physicians from a wide range of medical specialties. Whatever the diagnosis, you can be assured that your client will only be evaluated by the most qualified and experienced clinical professionals for their particular situation. Coordination of medical legal assessments is done by qualified and trained personnel specialized in occupational health to assist you in the procedure. So, you will get a personalized approach tailored to your needs.

At Synoptic Medical, we want our customers to feel empowered by offering a range of options. Whatever medical expertise you need, our experts have years of forensic experience dealing with the most complex workplace injuries and traumas. By meeting with your client face-to-face or through a telehealth consultation, the specialist will conduct an in-depth investigation to identify any underlying causes.

Our Synoptic medicolegal team will produce solutions tailored to your needs. We Listen, We Act, We Provide. No customer is the same and we know you have individual needs. All of our staff are medically experienced, working in private practice and in the field of medico-law with many years of experience. Our highly trained doctors each have their own specialties and all come together to provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

If you need to undergo a medical legal review for your job or for a claim, the team at Synoptic Medical can help. Approved medical assesments provide comprehensive medical legal assessments for all purposes in complete confidentiality in their offices.

Synoptic Medicolegal Assessment Solutions

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